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Time Wasters

by Sarah Wilkinson, Class of ’17

Dear Professional Time-Waster,

Not enough time in the day? You’ve got 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, and 86,400 seconds. You’ve got time. Maybe the real problem is how you’re using that time. Here’s how to stop wasting your precious time.

Champlain College

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  1. Finish what you start. Otherwise, all the time that went into it in the first place is wasted.
  2. Don’t work late consistently. Your brain stops working well and your creativity is flattened by so much work and so little play/sleep.
  3. Prioritize. What is due first? What project or task is most pressing? What can wait?
  4. Plan ahead. If you have three projects due on the same day, figure out how you’ll finish them all before the day before the due date.
  5. Unplug from your phone. When you lose focus, it can take twenty minutes to fully get back into your work.
  6. Don’t take on too much. Trying to do too much means you’ll constantly feel like you’re not getting anything accomplished – and that’ll kill your motivation.
  7. Make sure you have time sectioned off for yourself where you’ll have no interruptions.
  8. Stay organized. If you can’t even find a pencil in the mess in your room, how are you going to finish that drawing?
  9. No brainer – don’t procrastinate. Easier said than done, but it is possible. Procrastination is more often than not a fear of failure. When you know this, it’s easier to plow into a project anyway.
  10. Know when to say “no” to someone who needs a favor or wants to hang out.

It’s up to you to decide how your 24 hours a day will be spent. If you want to be like the most successful people in the world, however, you’ll realize that there’s a right and a wrong way to manage your time. If you need help figuring out where to start, we’re always here to help at Career Collaborative.

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